Give your customers the best delivery experience
regardless of your business size.

Same-day delivery

Promise ultra-fast deliveries to your customers. You supply the product and we take care of expediting the shipment.

Fastest pickup

Get rid of the pick-up bottleneck. Your products will be picked up from source at the shortest time possible.

Realtime tracking

With our state-of-the-art tracking mechanism, let your customers know where their products are at any given time.

Best in class handling

Minimize your loss from transit damage. Our experienced network partners ensure highest standards of shipment handling.

Free COD Handling

No transaction fee. No percentage cut. Opt-in to MoneyCollect™ and reduce your loss on cash-on-delivery payments.

Last-mile analytics

Get to analyze orders even after checkout. With Terrabees, last-mile metrics are directly pushed to your Google Analytics.

Distributed pricing

Regardless of your business size or daily volume, you always get our best price possible across services.

24×7 Phone support

Got stuck? With real human beings ready to help you round-the-clock, your issues get resolved at the fastest pace.

Advanced Control Center

Command, Control & Customize

Every account comes with its own dashboard from where you can control the behaviour of your shipping process. With a plethora of possible customizations, you could scale and paint the delivery process to seamlessly match your business.

Realtime reporting offers you the most updated status of operations, cost, and feedback.


Extensive API Integration

With an extensive and well-documented REST API, you can totally integrate our services into your ecommerce systems. As soon as an order gets confirmed and a pickup request is initiated from your side, we will be notified and that represents the start of a delivery process that's smooth, efficient and that almost feels magical.

The API is 100% complete, which means every aspect of the service is reachable through it.

API Documentation  Integration Service


Save money by not paying a flat fee for any given region. With Terrabees, you pay only for what you use.
You will especially save substantial amount of money when shipping to shorter distances, while still obtaining competitive rates for longer distances.

  • On-Demand Capacity
  • On-demand capacity lets you pay per shipment with no long-term commitments. This frees you from the costs and complexities of capacity planning, recruiting, and maintaining a fleet of couriers and transforms what are commonly large fixed costs into much smaller variable costs.
  • Pay per package
  • Best for new sellers
  • Scales with unexpected short bursts in your sales
  • Distance-based pricing
  • No commitments
  • See Prices
  • Reserved Capacity
  • Reserved capacity provides you significant discount (up to 30%) compared to on-demand capacity. With reserved capacity, you can have confidence that you will be able to ship peak volumes with minimal delays. You can mix and match many capacities together to cater your specific needs.
  • Volume pricing
  • Best for medium & large businesses
  • Guarantees consistent volume of deliveries
  • Significant discount over on-demand pricing
  • Commit to 1, 2, or 3 years. The more the cheaper.
  • See Prices

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